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What is Zombie VR?


Zombie Studios is an interactive design and development studio based in Seattle, Washington. Specializing in real time 3D games, Zombie also designs websites, interactive adverts, music videos, and develops location-based entertainment rides.

What games has Zombie created?
  In addition to Super Bubble Pop, Zombie has designed and/or developed fourteen titles for DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000ME, Macintosh OS, Playstation, and Dreamcast formats. These titles include "Locus," "Ice & Fire," "ZPC - No Flesh Shall be Spared," and "Spec Ops: Rangers Lead The Way."
Where can I learn more about Zombie VR?
  Check out Zombie's website at

How does the Super Bubble Pop PC game work?

  Super Bubble Pop is a fast-paced puzzle game for your PC with delicious 3D graphics and tough music too. Stack up three bubbles of the same color and watch them burst before your eyes.
But watch out...those bubbles will keep dropping so blow them up before they trap you!
How did the game concept evolve?
  Super Bubble Pop emerged from a desire to create a game that allowed the player to customize the game's soundtrack with mp3s. The dancing DJ characters and the dance floor setting reflect the centrality of music to the game concept.
How do I change the music for the game?
  Super Bubble Pop's special drop-in mp3 feature allows you to customize the soundtrack with your favorite mp3 files.
Where can I get the game?
Follow this link to download your copy of Super Bubble Pop.

What exactly is Super Bubble Pop sweet styling gum?

  Super Bubble Pop represents the latest hair styling product innovation from Vain International.
This multi-functional super product instantly adds texture to hair without the greasiness of pomades or the crunchy feel of gels. It's ideal for long hair and short alike.
How can I use Super Bubble Pop?
  You can use Super Bubble Pop any way you like, but here's some styling suggestions.
Will it stain my hair?
  Not at all. Super Bubble Pop's color disappears when applied to hair.
Will I smell like a giant piece of bubble gum all day?
  Nope. The bubble gummy scent fades away too.
Does Super Bubble Pop wash out or will I need to break out the peanut butter and ice cubes?
  Super Bubble Pop washes right out of hair with no fuss.
Leave your bubble gum removal techniques behind!
Where can I buy Super Bubble Pop styling gum?
Follow this link to buy Super Bubble Pop right now.

What is Vain International?

  Vain international is a hair care line based in Seattle, Washington that features industrial strength beauty products. Established in 1996, Vain's full line of beauty products and accessories can be found throughout the country and on the web. Under the leadership of Victoria Gentry, Vain International continues to develop innovative hair care products for the modern age.
What other products does Vain International produce?
  Vain's hair care line covers shampoos (Luscious, 2nd Day Hair, Peppermint Strip), conditioners (Smoothy, Intervention), and styling products (Dirty Boy Dirty Girl, Glass Blower, Stick Up, Hard Up, Big Hair Hold, Super Bubble Pop). Click here to get all the details on Vain products.
Where can I buy Vain products?
  Follow this link to find out locations where Vain products are sold.

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