Super Bubble Pop
Sweet Styling Gum

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Styling gum you ask?

That's right, we've taken every 5 year old's
favorite hair product, chewed bubble gum,
as inspiration for this amazing new styling tool.


Super Bubble Pop is perfect for edgy, modern, fuss-free hair styling.
The pink goo looks, feels, and even smells just like real bubble gum, but you won't need
to break out the scissors because it washes out of hair easily, with no stains.
Get ultra textured hair fast...stick some gum in it!

Super Bubble Pop is ideal for twisting up, piecing out, and messing with your hair. It leaves your hair pliable and restylable, without the greasy feel of a pomade. Just scoop out a wad of gum, play with it between your fingertips a bit, and then twist, pinch, scrunch or muss your hair into a delightfully texturized state. The scent fades, but your hairdo will stay!

Here are a few looks that you can achieve at home with Super Bubble Pop


Want this look? Here's how!
Blow dry hair into a darling flip. Pinch ends and piece out hair with Super Bubble Pop until you've created the hairdo of your dreams!


Here's another look you'll love...
Work Super Bubble Pop throughout your hair. Muss hair into a delightfully dysfunctional style. Now you're ready to go out there and wow the world!

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