Super Bubble Pop
PC Game

Candy ravers rejoice! It's Super Bubble Pop!
Super Bubble Pop is a bubble-based 3-D action puzzler
designed to appeal to the dance and rave communities.

With five characters to choose from and fully customizable game features,
the possibilities are endless!

Want to play?
The player controls a DJ character and must wipe out advancing rows and columns
of bubbles before the bubbles reach the character.
When the player lines up three or more bubbles of the same color,
the bubbles burst in a super bubble pop!
Clear the play area of bubbles or collect the level bubble token
and advance to the next bubblicious level!

screen shot

The cutest DJ this side of anywhere, Vix has all the moves and she knows how to use them. She'll stop those bubbles in their tracks while dancing to the mp3 tracks you drop into the game..

Another bubble-popping DJ, Blu loves dancing til dawn out on the dance floor! He fights off the bubbles with his DJ skills and moves to the beat of your mp3s..

TNT is a cool cat that spins out bubbles and makes them explode! His dynamite skills will help you stop those bubbles cold!

When C29 gets out on the floor, watch out! He's a dancing and DJing machine...bubbles beware!

Zim loves to monkey around. He'll pop bubbles and dance the night away to your tunes!

You are the DJ
Super Bubble Pop lets players choose their own music by downloading mp3 music files. Choose your DJ character, drop in your favorite mp3s, and start popping those bubbles!
In addition to the one-player game, Super Bubble Pop offers two-player game play, where players can battle one another side-by-side in Challenge Mode or head-on in Super Battle Mode.
Change the music. . . change the game!
A graphic equalizer linked to the music used in Super Bubble Pop randomly generates the bubble columns that appear on the play area. Download your mp3 music files and watch the game transform!
Everyone is unique...
Each character possesses a unique special attack that can clear entire walls of bubbles. In Head-2-Head mode, these fighting skills can be used to attack the opponent.
How does your Super Bubble Pop look?
Sound effects, bubble texture, background images, and keyboard controls can be set according to the player's wishes. Players can also skin characters to change their appearance.
Bowling Ball, Earthquake, Super Fire...
Special bubbles like those named above, let the player eliminate portions of the bubble wall. These special bubbles can be collected from time to time and either used right away or saved for later use.

want to find out more? contact Jessica at 206.728.8195 or e-mail [email protected]

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